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Rydell supplies AMPULL haul off belts for the cable, wire and extrusion industry

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Conveyor belts specialist, Rydell Industrial (Belting) Co supplies AMPULL haul off belts from Ammeraal Beltech for the cable, wire and extrusion industries.  

Standard conveyor belting is not suitable for a number of applications. For instance, standard belts cannot be used as cable pulling belts in caterpillars and capstans in the cable industry.  

Ammeraal Beltech’s weaving and coating facilities allow them to supply suitable belts made to customer specifications for specific heavy duty applications.  

Specially designed for cable pulling, AMPULL haul off belts feature a coated continuous polyester fabric construction that allows the application of high pulling forces, while simultaneously enabling a low rolling resistance.  

The absence of a splice, together with tight tolerances in belt thickness and suppleness enables constant line speeds up to 900 metres/minute.  

Ammeraal Beltech’s range of pulling belts is also available for cable manufacturing systems, cable handling systems and haul-off of plastic products.  

Key features of AMPULL haul off belts:  

  • Polyester or aramide continuous fabric construction provides superior force elongation and excellent track properties
  • Special wear and fray-resistant edges
  • Wide range of wear resistant covers, smooth or with grooves
  • Constant thickness and suppleness from no splice, result in excellent running properties and contact speed
  • Superior resistance to oils, fats and plasticers
  • Manufactured in pairs with unique matching performance

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