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Rydell says Correct Tension is Key to Belt Performance

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A comprehensive range of Rapplon flat belting by Ammeraal Beltech is available from Rydell Industrial (Belting) Co .    

Critical to Rapplon belt performance is correct belt tension at fitting.  

Rapplon offers a proven belt calculation program called RAPPCALC to ensure correct belt selection.  

In applications where a Rapplon belt transmits power and torque under load, it is important to install it with the correct belt tension/ elongation.  

The rule of thumb for Rapplon high performance flat belts is to set the tension between 1% to 3% elongation at fitting, which can be ascertained based on the drive specifications achieved from the RAPPCALC program.  

Typical elongation for different loads: 

  • Uniform loads: 2%
  • Intermittent loads: 2 - 2.5%
  • Severe intermittent loads: 2.5 - 3%
Belts used in the print and paper industry for folder carriers and lay boy tapes should be elongated/ tensioned just enough to enable them to function satisfactorily under normal operating loads.  

The rule of thumb in this instance is 1 to 1.5% tension.  

Where common shaft take-ups are utilised, belts must be supplied in uniform length. In such applications, light construction pulleys are utilised that can lead to shaft deflection, creating tracking and belt life problems.  

Rydell has developed a production procedure to eliminate this problem on paper sheeters.  

It is also important in common shaft situations that all belts are replaced at the same time to ensure positive tension and tracking as well as uniform coefficient of friction on the paper or paperboard product that is being conveyed.  

This rule is equally applicable for LH and RH carrier belts on folder gluers and in-feed belts on printers.  

Rydell Industrial (Belting) Co caters to the flat belt needs of Australian manufacturers as well as the printing and packaging industry.

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