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Rydell releases new belt sizes for roller chain retrofits.

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article image Rydell releases new belt sizes for roller chain retrofits.
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Rydell has expanded its stock range of carbon-fibre reinforced belts.

The new range of belt lengths now available in PolyChain GT Carbon expands the potential applications for designers and maintenance engineers when considering a choice between synchronous belts and other power transmission options such as gears and roller chain.

One of the key considerations of any design engineer when planning the lay-out or “drive geometry” of a power transmission application is space. Limited adjustment of centre distances between shafts, confined space limitations for pulley diameters and exceptionally long or short distances between shafts often forces the design engineer to use a non-preferred method of achieving the end result. In many cases the desired belt length was simply not available.

However Doug White, a drive design specialist at Rydell Industrial Belting Co, says the expanded range of PolyChain GT Carbon sizes amounts to a 33% increase in the number of different belt lengths available with new sizes added in 5mm, 8mm and 14mm pitch belts. Clients can now use PolyChain belts on drives with shaft centre distances ranging from 52mm up to 2008mm. The increased range enables designers to reduce cost by using optimum pulley diameters and avoiding belt length compromises similar to the one illustrated.

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