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Rydell offers comprehensive range of plastic and stainless Uni chains

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Specialist conveyor belts supplier Rydell Industrial (Belting) Co is the Australian distributor for the comprehensive range of Uni Chains plastic modular belting and chains.
Rydell stocks the following types of Uni Chains range of chains:
Slat Top Chains – Plastic
Uni 820 series – Straight Running

The main application is for conveying various food products and containers. The Uni 820 is a plastic chain version of the related Uni 812 steel chain. The plastic chains however, have a reinforcing middle rib underneath. The link thickness is 4.0mm (0.16”) for the Uni 820 series.
Uni 880 series - Side Flexing

This material has a wide range of applications for conveying lightweight items in curves such as plastic bottles, cans and cartons.
Uni 879 TAB Safety Finger – Side Flexing

This chain has been designed for finger safety. The maximum size of the openings between the links of 13.0 x 6.0mm (0.52 x 0.24”) improves finger safety as well as support and stability of the conveyed products, including around the centre hinge. Uni 879 will run in standard curves/tracks.
Uni NH78 – Straight Running

This is a typical straight running crate conveyor chain. Uni NH78 is designed to run in both directions and is suitable, where wearability and chain strength demands are very high.
Uni Grip 1873 series - Snap On Chains – Gripper Chains – Side Flexing

Designed for vertical conveyors where the items are conveyed between two Uni Grip chains carrying cans or bottles on rinsing machines and other applications.
Uni 2600 series – Side Flexing

This chain is usually used for conveying crates and other large items. It can be supplied in special materials GR and AR for use in environments with extreme wear or corrosion. This chain is available in open or closed types and can have flights attached for incline conveyors.
Uni Chains with Moulded Rubber Inserts

The limit for the incline of a chain conveyor without the problem of products sliding back is usually 3-4 degrees. Uni chains have solved the problem of transporting products on an inclining conveyor. Chains with moulded rubber inserts are available for most of the Uni plastic chain series.

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