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Rydell offers a complete range of Ammeraal Beltech belts for the mail sorting industry

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Rydell Industrial (Belting) Co  in conjunction with Ammeraal Beltech (AB), one of the most important suppliers to the world’s major equipment manufacturers for logistics, automation and mail sorting systems offers high-tech belts for speed and economy in the mail sorting industry.
Every day, billions of parcels and letters are sorted and distributed for further transport to all parts of the world and organised in large numbers in postal sorting centres in major cities.
Rydell offers the AB range of belts for mail sorting applications:

  • Edge feeder
  • Pick-offs
  • Leveller
  • Sorter
  • Transporting
  • Stacker
  • Drive
Rydell can supply all the belts required for the mail sorting process from feeder transport and format control to address reader and pre-stacker.
Highly efficient rubber coatings guarantee accurate pitch between the letters, resulting in reliable performance on 2-level sorters.
All Rapplon high performance flat belts feature antistatic properties to prevent electrostatic build-up and ensure precise grip of envelopes at high speed.
A complete range of Rapplon elastic belts is available for easy fitting on fixed shafts, which perfectly handles mail pieces of varying thicknesses. Special gentle covers avoid marking or damaging the letters on stackers, plus the antistatic properties and specific surface finishes reduce dust generation and transfer.
The new Rapplon GG E2 FFQ multipurpose transport belts meet all requirements including:

  • Holding firmly the mail piece vertically, without sinking or lifting
  • Tracking itself straight and firmly on the pulleys without sagging
  • Holding the mail piece parallel to the deck without drifting
  • Maintaining the gap between mail pieces as specified, also after stop/start
  • Avoiding damaging of mail pieces
  • Avoiding displacement between belts
  • Not smearing ink on the mail piece
  • Achieving high energy savings
  • Achieving low noise level
Rapplon UV 06E FQ belts perform particularly well on delay and stacker sections.
Delay section
The special fleece cover compensates for the different speed and grip of the opposite rubber belt. Mail pieces are smoothly transported in the delay section while the operator corrects the address manually.
The letters are stacked at the destination outlets where the last letter of the stack is exposed to constant friction against the stacker belt. The gentle fleece cover ensures the mail piece is not marked.

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