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Rydell offers Uni RTB state-of-the-art roller top modular belts

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Conveyor belts specialist Rydell Industrial (Belting) Co offers the new Uni RTB range of roller top modular belting.
The new Uni RTB belt is a highly flexible and reliable handling solution for goods. Numerous variation options in roller positioning make the Uni RTB a smart straight running modular belt. The pinless snap link enables easy assembling and provides product reliability.
Uni RTB M1 Type
The rollers extend only on one side of the belt: the top. Accumulation rollers provide less friction between the belt and the conveyed product, and ensure the best possible sideways loading of the belt.
Uni RTB M2 Type
The rollers extend on two sides of the belt: the top and the bottom. When the belt rollers are rotating, the conveyed products will move faster than the belt. When the belt rollers do not rotate, the conveyed product will travel at the belt speed.
Mounting Positions 

  • 0-degree: Rollers rotate in travel direction
  • 30-degree: Roller pins angled counter clockwise 30-degree (move products to the left)
  • 60-degree: Roller pins angled counter clockwise 60-degree (move products to the left)
  • 90-degree: Roller pins rotate perpendicularly to the travel direction
  • 120-degree: Roller pins angled counter clockwise 120-degree (move products to the right)
  • 150-degree: Roller pins angled counter clockwise (move products to the right)
Uni RTB roller top modular belts are suitable for:

  • Tyre and rubber industries
  • Collector belt of finished tyres from vulcanising/curing presses
  • Final finish tyre handling
  • Sorting application
  • Merging application
  • 90-180 degree turning
  • Tyre accumulation
  • Semi products handling
  • Rubber tape slitting equipment
  • Material handling applications
Key features and benefits of Uni RTB roller top modular belts:

  • High efficiency with elimination of jams, line stoppages and product damage
  • Simultaneous handling of many product sizes without controls or manual adjustments
  • Facilitates roller maintenance
  • Pinless snap link concept for easy assembling and product reliability
  • Roller height above belt surface: 3mm and 6mm (M1 and M2)
  • Flexible roller positioning – rollers in six different positions: 0, 30, 60, 90, 120 and 150 degree
  • M2 rollers for active conveying
  • No rollers blocking even with sticky rubber

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