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Rydell offers Uni Plastic Modular Belting and Conveyor Chains for the Beverage Industry

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Rydell Industrial (Belting) Co  offers Uni Chain plastic modular belting and conveyor chains for diverse applications in the beverage industry.  

Rydell’s plastic modular belting solutions are designed to suit the complete conveying needs of the beverage industry from depalletisers to palletisers.  

Rydell’s product range includes high speed belts, wear-resistant chains and belts to convey a full load of pallets.  

Uni plastic modular belting features self-lubricating acetal modules that allow the conveyors to run dry. The plastic modular belts can also be assembled or disassembled with the new Lockpin feature.  

The plastic modular belting surface is extremely flat to accommodate the transfer of motion-sensitive PET bottles.  

Uni conveyor chains feature moulded rubber inserts for enhanced friction while the bevel edges reduce tippage with side transfer.  

Key advantages of Uni conveyor chains:  

  • Less downtime due to higher tensile strength
  • Longer chain life due to wear-resistant materials
  • Super low friction material for high speed applications
  • Bevel edges reduce tippage with side transfer
  • Increased friction with moulded rubber inserts
  • Angled grippers allow for smooth transfer and reduced tippage/ misaligning

Key advantages of Uni plastic modular belts: 

  • Conveyors can run dry with self-lubricating acetal modules
  • Super low friction material reduces soap/ water usage
  • Quick and easy assembly/ disassembly with new Lockpin
  • High tensile strength with reinforced side flexing belts
  • Easy to clean roller top for crate/box accumulation
  • Patented radius top surface reduces back line pressure and oxide build-up from cans
  • Exceptionally flat surfaces for transferring motion-sensitive PET bottles

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