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Rydell offers Ultrafeed 500 feed belts for carton folding

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Rydell Industrial (Belting) Co  offers Ultrafeed 500 Series products, which feature Ammeraal Beltech’s innovative Carmi-Tech CS20 engineered cover material.
Ultrafeed 500 belts with exclusive Carmi-Tech compound outperform standard products in a wide variety of feeder belt applications.

  • Laboratory tests rank Carmi-Tech CS20 number 1 for wear resistance using ISO 4649 standards
  • Field testing of Ultrafeed 500 feed belts resulted in a 5-10 fold increase in belt life expectancy
  • Customers report a 200-450% increase in carton blank throughput from a single set of Ultrafeed 500 belts between change outs
Performance features of Ultrafeed 500:

  • Significant belt life improvement
  • Superior product grip for better handling and control
  • Improved feed consistency and accuracy
Benefits of Ultrafeed 500:

  • Buy less, less often
  • Cut maintenance time and expense
  • Improve productivity and yield
  • Reduce carton waste and scrap
Applications for Ultrafeed 500:

  • Carton folding feed belts
  • Various feed function equipment
Carmi-Tech CS20 cover materials are available in cast seamless construction for many common sizes. Laminated and spliced constructions are available for applications with custom dimension required. Ultrafeed 500 cast seamless feed belts are stocked in commonly used standard sizes.
Check with your nearest Rydell branch for more information on stocked sizes.

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