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Rydell offers Rapplon high performance flat belts for poultry processing

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Rydell Industrial (Belting) Co  offers Rapplon high performance flat belts for the poultry processing industry.
With the steady increase in the consumption of fat free, high nutrient meat, poultry processing has progressed into a highly automated and efficient industry that is able to cope with ever-increasing demands.
Poultry plants may have different processing equipment, but basically follow similar processes for slaughtering, scalding and de-feathering or picking.
The picker machines used in the de-feathering and picking process consist of multiple rows (up to 6) of a series of approx. 18 pulleys per row. The pulleys are mounted on horizontal shafts and in rows one above the other. Protruding fingers are mounted on the opposite ends of the shafts jutting out to the corridor inside the picking equipment. Birds that are hooked by the legs are then conveyed through this corridor, where rotating fingers on up to three sides begin de-feathering.
All pulleys are driven by one long continuous Rapplon flat belt, which wraps around each pulley so that the pulley rotates in the opposite direction to the previous one and guarantees maximal removal of feathers. The belt must perform in a very humid, almost wet ambient environment.
Due to the high humidity, sufficient working tension must be considered to avoid elongation of Rapplon Classic flat belts. Rapplon quick splice belts are highly recommended because they are almost impervious to humidity. The belt width is typically between 45mm and 80mm with service life of 1-6 months.

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