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Rydell offers Pre-Press Belts for Particle Board Production

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Rydell Industrial (Belting) Co  introduces the Ammeraal Beltech pre-press belts for use in particle board production applications.  

Ammeraal Beltech pre-press belts are used in modern high performance wood processing machines that produce large volumes of particle board, MDF, HDF, OSB and plywood.  

Leading OEMs and end users often choose Ammeraal Beltech belting solutions for reliable and safe processing.  

Proven on several installations worldwide, Ammeraal Beltech pre-press belts operate based on excellent pressure resistance, meeting all requirements of the forming process.  

Ammeraal Beltech anti-static pre-press belts offer superior resistance to abrasion, chemicals and high pressure.  

Ropanyl pre-press belts are made of aramide fabric with a high quality cover surface to provide maximum compression as well as reliable distribution of compression.  

Key features of Ammeraal Beltech pre-press belts:  

  • High force/ elongation value
  • Good abrasion resistance and homogenous belt surface
  • Excellent anti-static properties with no build-up of electronic charge
  • High chemical resistance
  • Resistant against high pressure
  • Good distribution of compression
  • Strong splice made with unique Maestro equipment

Key benefits of Ammeraal Beltech pre-press belts:  

  • Excellent belt performance
  • High production safety
  • Maintenance-free
  • High quality production
  • Long belt life
  • ATEX approved

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