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Rydell offers Gates Eurogrip flexible couplings

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Industrial belt specialist Rydell Industrial (Belting) Co is a major distributor of the comprehensive range of Gates industrial belts. Gates Eurogrip flexible couplings are also part of the range offered by Rydell.
Electronic speed controls are increasingly being used in industry. In response to this requirement, Gates has developed a flexible coupling range covering standard motor sizes. Gates Eurogrip flexible couplings consist of a rubber sleeve and two metal end pieces. The design of Gates Eurogrip flexible couplings is unique, with its OGEE lines allowing the coupling to act as a torque/life indicator for the drive.
Gates Eurogrip flexible couplings are available in sizes 19, 28, 42, 48 and 60 and are bored to suit a taper bush or a plain bore and keyway.
Gates Eurogrip flexible couplings have high vibration damping capacity, which makes them especially suitable for direct drive applications in pumps and compressors. Their high compliance is especially appreciated by designers of speed control systems, where resonance can be a problem. The zero backlash characteristics result in high positioning accuracy and repeatability, suitable for a wide range of applications in the linear actuator market.
Key features of Gates Eurogrip flexible couplings:

  • Unique OGEE lines on the sleeve are an indicator of torque and product life
  • Sleeves are made of a high-performance elastomeric compound
  • Sleeve design allows the coupling to act as a predictable fuse in the system
  • End pieces are made of high-grade aluminium to reduce weight and inertia, and anodised to increase wear resistance and strength
  • Available either with finished bore and keyway or to suit a taper bush
  • Operating temperature range from -25ºC to +100ºC
Benefits of Gates Eurogrip flexible couplings:

  • High vibration damping, which increases with load to prevent resonance
  • Low noise levels and quiet in operation
  • Zero backlash and consequently, high positioning accuracy
  • Easy to install and replace; can be inspected without stopping the drive
  • Built-in safety measure: Driven machine will stop when the coupling fails
  • High tolerance of combinations of radial and angular misalignment
  • Durable, low inertia, compact and lightweight design

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