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Rydell offers Ammeraal Beltech endless woven belts for specific applications

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Conveyor belts specialist Rydell Industrial (Belting) Co offers Ammeraal Beltech’s range of endless woven belts to suit a number of specific applications.
AmPull Belts for Cable Pulling
Cable pulling machines such as caterpillars and capstans draw through the various processes of cable production and cable-handling systems. AmPull endless woven pulling belts are used for this purpose. In general these machines consist of two belts, one above the other, between which the cables are clamped before being pulled. This system is also used in extrusion systems for the production of plastic tubes and profiles.
Key features of AmPull belts:

  • Always produced in pairs for a specific machine to ensure that the belts are identical and have matching performance
  • Excellent running properties at speeds of up to 900 m/min
  • Covers have very good resistance to oils, fats and plasticizers as well as to sulphur and ozone
  • Absence of a splice in the uniformly coated, seamless, endless fabric, together with tight tolerances in belt thickness and suppleness ensures constant line speeds
  • High force at low elongation, no stretching
  • High friction between belt and cable. The belt covers require a certain hardness to generate high pulling forces, while at the same time enabling a low rolling resistance. In general a thick heavy cable requires a soft cover, whilst a thin cable requires a harder cover.
AmWrap Belts for Metal Wrapping
In the metal industry, wrapping machines are used to coil sheet material of various thicknesses of steel, aluminium, copper etc. At the start of the coiling operation, one or two wrapper belts are positioned around the mandrel, and the belts force the sheet to coil up. After a number of turns of the coiling mandrel, the wrapper belts move away and the coiling operation continues. Once the correct length of material has been coiled, the sheet is cut off and the next coiling operation starts.
Key features of AmWrap belts:

  • Made for use in tough conditions with very good absorption of impact and cuts from sheets
  • Uniformly coated, seamless, endless fabric with extremely strong edges to prevent fraying and wear, ensuring high flexibility and extended life
  • Top cover is wear resistant, non-aging polyurethane (PUR), which is not affected by milling emulsion, preventing hardening or cracking; good resistance to oils, fats, sulphur, ozone and kerosene
  • Easy to track, stable belt run, even at high belt speeds of 400 m/min
  • High friction between belt and material to be wrapped
  • Excellent force/elongation properties enable sheet material to be tightly wrapped
AmPress Belts for Wood Pre-pressing
The wood and building materials industries process plywood, chipboard and MDF into sheeting. After the (wood) chips have been mixed, the material undergoes pre-pressing before passing to the final press, where the finished panels are manufactured. Endless woven belts are used in the pre-press unit.
Key features of AmPress belts:

  • Truly endless construction eliminates risk of splice failure. The standard AmPress belt type is a uniformly coated, seamless, endless fabric with antistatic properties to prevent static charge build-up, making it a very flexible product
  • Cover material is wear-resistant polyurethane (PUR), which is also extremely resistant to wood pulp, thus extending belt life
  • Easy top track, stable belt run
  • Good resistance to bonding materials, oils, fats, sulphur, ozone and kerosene
  • Available in two surface finishes: closed or with holes for air release

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