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Rydell offers Ammeraal Beltech AmDough endless woven belts for biscuit manufacturers

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Conveyor belts specialist Rydell Industrial (Belting) Co offers a complete range of AmDough endless woven belts to suit rotary and reciprocating cutter belts used in the biscuit manufacturing industry.  

The biscuit manufacturing process involves the extraction, cutting and release of the biscuit and dough, wherein the extraction and release characteristics are determined by three main factors:  

  • Absorption capacity 
  • Weave pattern 
  • Belt thickness
Absorption capacity is determined by the content and combination of belt materials such as cotton, flax, polyamide and polyester. 

While cotton and flax can absorb 20-25% of moisture, polyamide absorbs 4% and polyester, 0.4%. AmDoug 100 endless woven belts offer a high absorption capacity. 

Weave pattern refers to the pattern and amount of air between dough and belt that influences dough release. Plain and twill weave patterns have a more open surface than broken twill. The weave type to be applied depends on the composition and shape of the dough.   

With respect to belt thickness, a thinner belt can run over an extremely small knife edge and follow its shape very closely to allow for good release of really thin products.  

Key benefits of AmDough endless woven belts:  

  • Less downtime and hassles 
  • Greater economy 
  • Trouble-free dough processing 
  • Consistent product quality 
  • Optimum solution for every dough type

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