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Rydell introduces RS02 jewel friction welders for a perfect splice every time

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Rydell Industrial (Belting) Co  is the Australian agent for BEHAbelt and offers the RS02 jewel friction welders.

RS02 jewel friction welders eliminate the guesswork and variables that lead to faulty splices of polyurethane v-belts and round cord belts as well as costly work stoppages caused by belt failure. Plus, splices are completed faster and without the threat of injury common in traditional devices that rely on a heated paddle.

Key benefits of RS02 jewel friction welders:

  • Precise pressure prevents uneven welds and premature failure
  • Automatic alignment ensures that 100% of the belt ends are fused
  • Temperature variation is never a concern, eliminating guesswork
RS02 jewel friction welders use the heat from the friction to fuse belt ends together in seconds, with a strong, uniform and perfect splice every time.

With heated paddles, there are three variables that can lead to faulty, costly splices. Wrong or inconsistent pressure applied by hand can create uneven welds. Too much pressure and molten material is pushed out the sides, resulting in a weak connection at the middle of the belt ends. Too little pressure and bonding is uneven, resulting in soft spots for a weak connection.

Misalignment of belt ends can cause weak joints as less than 100% of the belt ends are fused. Guesswork on the temperature of the paddle can cause uncertainty. The jewel friction welder eliminates all these variables and the guesswork that can lead to a faulty splice.

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28/10/2014 - FYI, we are a leading Gates distributor in Australia. The RS02 is designed primarily for PU only. Beha has a USA division you can contact...

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