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Rydell has available new endless woven AmTube and Rapplon tube winder belts

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Rydell Industrial (Belting) Co  introduces AmTube and Rapplon belts for all tube winding applications.
AmTube 500 and AmTube 700 endless woven belts
AmTube’s new range of endless woven belts provides superior belting solutions to cope with specific and tough conditions found on medium to heavier tube winders. Rapplon polyurethane coating is extremely wear resistant, always maintaining high friction and ensuring optimal grip.
Key features of AmTube endless woven belts:

  • Seamless fabric construction
  • Seamless PU cover
  • Excellent force-elongation properties
  • Perfect combination of cover resistance and high friction
  • Fully closed edges
Rapplon GG 07.30 RR and GG 11.50 RR belts
Rapplon flat belts with a tension member of highly stretched polyamide foil are specifically designed to master high speed with precise tracking and high fluctuations. The shock-absorbing properties of these maintenance-free belts extend the bearings’ lifetime substantially supporting the goal of cost efficiency.
Rapplon’s brand-new wear resistant rubber compound and particularly designed spiral winding ensure extremely precise tubes and offer long lifetime when processing small and medium size tubes.
Rapplon High Performance flat belts’ unique advantages:

  • Constant high friction surface for precise spiral winding
  • Highly flexible single ply tension member also allowed to wrap small tubes
  • Long lifetime thanks to new rubber compound

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