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Rydell and Uni Chains solve the problems transferring hot bread out of the oven

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article image Uni M-TTB modular plastic belt for transferring hot baked products out of the oven
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Rydell Industrial (Belting) Co  and Uni Chains solve the problems of transferring hot bread out of the oven.
There can be problems associated with transferring hot bread out of the oven (Oven Takeaway) in the bakery industry.
Small pitch belt conveyors are often used after the oven to transfer small loaves of bread or other baked goods.
Oxidation on wire mesh belt will cause blackening that can transfer to the product. This creates a food safety issue.
Uni M-TTB is made from FDA approved material for direct food contact and can be cleaned without the blackening caused by oxidation that is common in metal belts.
Debris from the steel belt (wire mesh flat belt) can flake off and contaminate the bread. This causes product loss and requires downtime to clean and replace the belts.
The Uni modular plastic belt has plastic pins so it will not create debris that contaminates the product.
On many modular belts stretch occurs very quickly due to pin wear in this application. Because there is a tight transfer these belts use nosebars and are driven from underneath, putting the belt through many more front and backflex positions than normal. This adds much more wear to the pins, which causes belt stretch.
Uni M-TTB with nylon (PA6.6) pins provides superior wear resistance to the PP pins that are common for competitors.

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