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Rydell and Uni Chains solve the problems on deboning lines in the poultry industry

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article image Uni MPB belts for deboning lines in the poultry industry
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Deboning lines in the poultry industry are used to cut whole birds into different parts, which are placed on conveyors to take them to the next process.
The cutting is either done on a moving line where each operator makes the same cut on many birds or in a stationary process where each worker is responsible for the whole bird and different conveyors take the different parts away.
Problems associated with poultry deboning lines
SS chain is popular on cone lines because it is easy to weld the cones to the chain. However, SS chains will corrode and cause blackening over time.
Uni 3200 TAB chain is made of POM-DI plastic so corrosion is not a problem. The cones can be screwed into special attachment links made for the chain.
Chain and tracks used on moving deboning lines are not easy to clean.
The Uni MPB modular plastic belts can be used in a stationary system where the whole birds are processed at the same workstation. The Uni MPB belt has received the latest NSF/USDA acceptance, which means it meets the most current and stringent clean-ability standards.
Product builds up in the seams between modules on a bricklaid belt and adds to cleaning time.
The Uni MPB Single Link is assembled from fully symmetrical modules moulded up to 24 inches wide. This creates fewer seams across the belt than competitor’s belts made with 6 inch-wide modules. This concept of fewer seams reduces cleaning time by 50% compared to traditional bricklaid belts.
Uni MPB modular plastic belts are available from Rydell Industrial (Belting) Co .

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