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Rydell and Uni Chains solve box and tote handling problems on incline and decline conveyors in the meat industry

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In the meat industry, boxes or totes are inclined from one level to the next on a plastic modular belt.
To better utilise the space in a meat plant, overhead conveyors are used to move boxes or totes around to different processing areas. Several different belts can be used for these incline and decline conveyors.
For steep angles a belt with product supports is required to stop the totes or boxes from sliding back. However the way the totes are placed on the belt can cause breakage of the product supports.
Ammeraal Beltech Modular and Rydell Industrial (Belting) Co recommend the Uni MPB belt. Typically a 2” high product support is used for heavy load and steep inclines/declines. The Uni MPB has a standard product support that is extra thick compared to the competition, and made specifically to resist breakage as well as handle heavy boxes.
For smaller incline angles, rubber top belts can be used to prevent slide back of the product without running the risk of breaking the product supports. Cleaning can be a problem for a closed rubber top belt.
Uni SNB M2 20% open in PP material is a very cleanable rubber top belt. The hinges and the belt surface are open for easy spray through.
If the conveyor must be made as long as possible, high tensile strength is required. Most belts with rubber top are only available in PP material because of the way the rubber is bonded. PP is a softer and weaker material than POM so the rubber top belts wear out more quickly and cannot pull as much load as POM.
If high load capacity is needed, the Uni MPB POM-DI with rubber top is recommended. Ammeraal Beltech Modular uses a different process to make the rubber top on Uni MPB, which allows the belt with rubber inserts to be made in POM-DI material, helping to increase belt life and belt pull significantly.

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