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Rydell and Uni Chains offer Cooling Conveyors for the Bakery Industry

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Conveyor belts specialist Rydell Industrial (Belting) Co and Uni Chains offer cooling conveyors for the bakery industry. These conveyors are designed for the cooling of tortillas after the baking process.  

Cooling conveyors are typically designed as a multi-tier system. Since the incline conveyor is close to the oven, the belt material needs to withstand high temperature. Tortillas can sometimes cause the belt to burn as they come out of the oven, making material choice of the belt important.  

The high temp belt material (PA6.6) in cooling conveyors from Uni Chains reduces the risk of burning and melting of the plastic belts.  

Wire mesh flat conveyor belts are not suitable for the purpose as debris from the steel belt can flake off and contaminate the tortillas, causing product loss and downtime for clean-up and belt replacement.  

Uni modular plastic conveyor belts have plastic pins, eliminating risk of debris that could contaminate the product.  

Tortillas require a great deal of airflow to make the cooling process efficient but traditional plastic modular belts have flat surfaces that restrict airflow.  

The Uni SNB M2 conveyors feature a patented low contact radius top surface that allows maximum airflow to pass under the tortillas, resulting in effective cooling.   

The tortillas may overlap and stick together during the cooling process because of the chordal effect caused by vibration at the drive sprockets.  

The Uni SNB M2 sprocket engagement system drives on the hinge rather than the centre of the belt, greatly reducing the chordal effect.

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