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Rydell and Uni Chains introduce AmFlight product supports on plastic modular belting

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Conveyor belts specialist Rydell Industrial (Belting) Co in conjunction with Uni Chains can supply AmFlight product supports designed to offer reliable inclining or declining transport, loading sideways or allowing for accumulation.

Key features of Uni AmFlight product supports:

  • Simple, but very effective
  • Innovative and patented flight design ensures multifunctional use of features in one belt
  • Uni AmFlights are down when loading products on to the belt
  • Inclining or declining - Uni AmFlights are activated
  • Unloading sideways - Uni AmFlights are down allowing the unloading of products
Advantages of Uni AmFlights

Normally, separate conveyors are required for loading/unloading the belt, inclining or declining transport and when electronic measurements have to be taken in order to place the product between conventional product supports.

Uni AmFlights offer reliable transport giving no slip but 100% grip. There is no change in friction due to humidity, fat or grease on the belt and the belt surface is smooth with low friction for easy loading from the side.

The Flights allow small transfer gaps, as the Uni AmFlights are down when transferring from one to the next conveyor.

No electronic device or ‘eyes’ are needed for positioning the product on the belt. The product supports will reduce installation costs, as more operations are enabled in one belt/conveyor.

The belts are very easy to clean in comparison with belts featuring high friction inserts or profiled belts.

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