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Rydell and Gates combine to offer industry-leading fleet and heavy-duty solutions

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Rydell Industrial (Belting) Co  represents Gates, an industry leader in innovation, durability and reliability for heavy-duty belts, hoses and hydraulics.
Drive systems
Gates designed and produced the industry’s first V-belt and is today, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of belts. Whatever the heavy-duty power transmission need, Gates has the Green Stripe belt to meet it.
Coolant hose
Gates offers a wide variety of hoses for conveying coolant, air, steam, water, oil, fuel and other fluids. All Gates hoses are designed for demanding heavy-duty applications. The Green Stripe hoses are engineered to take the punishment demanded by heavy-duty fleets and off-road equipment. Over the long haul, Gates heavy-duty Green Stripe products offer high cost-effectiveness per mile in the heavy-duty industry.

  • Heavy-duty silicone coolant hoses
  • Connector kits
  • Green Stripe straight coolant hose
  • Green Stripe 4-ply coolant hose
  • Green Stripe wire-inserted coolant hose
  • Green Strip Vulco-Flex coolant hose
  • Green Stripe Vibraflex coolant hose
  • Vulco straight coolant hose
  • Hose I.D. reducers
Heater hose

  • Firewall heater hoses: Extra duty hose designed for maximum durability
  • Safety Stripe heater hose: EPDM hose constructed for extra-long service life
  • Charter heater hose: Economically priced heater hose with long service life
  • Poly-bagged heater hose: Ideal self-service package for retail oriented merchandising
  • Green Stripe heater hose: Heavy-duty construction assures dependable operation in truck, bus and off-road equipment heater systems
  • 90-degree moulded heater hose: Especially designed for difficult heater hose applications requiring sharp 90-degree bends in the hose
  • Hose merchandisers
Fuel hose

  • Submersible fuel line hoses: Designed to handle fuel (petrol/diesel) on the inside and the outside
  • 45- and 90-degree fuel fill hoses for those difficult applications where a straight hose won’t fit
  • Safety Stripe 11 fuel line/PVC/evaporative emission control hose: Multipurpose hose for use on fuel lines, PVC and EEC systems, and for fuel return hose connections on diesel fuel injection systems
  • Packaged Safety Stripe 11 fuel line/PVC/evaporative emission control hose: Convenient, popular 2-feet lengths of fuel line, PVC and EEC hose
  • MPI/fuel injection hose: Recommended for clamped hose applications on all fuel systems, including fuel injection systems
  • Fuel fill hose: Designed for transferring fuel from vehicle’s filler neck to fuel tank
Brake and vacuum hose

All Gates hoses for air and vacuum braking systems are subjected to computer controlled manufacturing processes to ensure product uniformity. Braking system hoses meet or exceed SAE J 1402 and SAE J 1403 specifications and comply with FMVSS 106.

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