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Rydell and Gates belt drives can assist in improving food processing plants

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article image Highly aggressive caustic solutions or water-based cleaning have no effect on Gates poly chain belts
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Rydell Industrial (Belting) Co  presents Gates belt drive systems designed to deliver higher throughput and increased uptime on food processing lines.
No food processing operation can afford downtime these days as it can cost thousands of dollars in lost production per hour. One way to prevent costly downtime is the use of high quality Gates belt drive systems on processing equipment and conveyor drive systems, right from the introduction of raw materials to packaged products out the door.
Gates belt drives offer many advantages especially when compared to roller chain and can avoid a wide range of problems to help food processors meet production goals and save money.

Lubrication and Product Contamination

Chain drives require constant lubrication, which adds to maintenance costs and poses environmental concerns. The oil and grease required in chain drives can contaminate product and create an ongoing clean-up problem.
Gates belt drive systems are virtually maintenance-free, translating into significant cost savings in reduced downtime due to lubrication and other routine maintenance tasks. One can dispense with expensive and messy oil baths and all the spraying, dripping, leaking and product contamination problems associated with lubrication.

To eliminate bacteria, germs and other contaminants while meeting stringent FDA regulations, food processing equipment requires multiple washdowns everyday using highly aggressive cleaners and chemicals. This can damage components, resulting in excessive maintenance downtime and/or equipment replacement.
Gates polyurethane belts combined with stainless steel or nickel plated sprockets and bushings are impervious to disinfectants, bactericides and cleaners used in washdowns. Highly aggressive caustic solutions have no effect on poly chain belts or stainless steel sprockets and bushings. Equipment can be washed down in place, requiring no special procedures or protection.
Rust Contamination

High moisture conditions and/or use of water-based cleaning and washdown solvents can cause rust problems with ordinary metal materials.
Gates belt drives eliminate the need to cover and protect the drive components prior to washdown because the polymeric belts and stainless components are impervious to water and caustic chemicals.
Timing and Synchronisation

Metal chains wear over time causing them to ‘loosen’, resulting in timing and synchronization problems in food processing operations.
Gates synchronous belts do not stretch over time like roller chains, so there is no change in speed due to stretch, creep or slippage. They rarely need re-tensioning – an important consideration on drives with limited centre distance adjustment.
Drive Location

When drives have to be positioned in areas with limited or difficult access, maintenance and repairs are problematic and more time consuming
The maintenance-free aspect of Gates belt drives can be especially important in hard-to-reach locations that require significant disassembly or ladders and crawlspaces to access.

Since metal chains and components wear quickly, they have to be replaced frequently.
Gates belts last up to three times longer than chain. Since there is no metal-to-metal wear, the sprockets, sheaves and idlers can last up to 10 times longer than roller chain components.

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11/10/2012 - The cost of the Gates Polychain belt and sprockets is dependent on what pitch is best suited for the changeover. We have had changeover with pay back in less than 6 months. We would be happy to look at your drive and advise a P&A on a Gates Polychain changeover. Please advise if you would like to see one of our sales guys to provide the information you are seeking.

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