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Rydell and Gates Australia offer Preventative Maintenance Training on Belt Drive Systems

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Conveyor belts specialist Rydell Industrial (Belting) Co is partnering with Gates Australia to offer preventative maintenance training on belt drive systems.  

The preventative maintenance training program aims to prevent failure of equipment before it actually happens.  

Properly maintained belt drives can be one of the most cost-effective and reliable power transmission solutions but industrial belt drive performance is negatively impacted by many factors.  

Equipment downtime can be expensive but it can be prevented through timely maintenance.  

When belts on the drives have to be replaced because they break, it is important to identify the underlying issues rather than simply replacing the belts. Ignoring these issues can result in continuously decreasing performance, maintenance time wastage and costly belt replacement.  

Key causes for belt breakages include misalignment, under-designed drives, incorrect belt-to-pulley fit or even ageing components.  

Tips and recommendations: 

  • Belts typically last two years so if they don’t, it is time to analyse the drive
  • Increased downtime and unscheduled maintenance can be caused by worn-out pulleys and sprockets, requiring belt replacement sooner
  • Gates pulley gauge can be used to measure whether V-belt pulleys have worn out
  • Gates moulded notched V-belts constructed with EDPM offer better heat and stretch resistance for less downtime

Registering for a Rydell-Gates Preventative Maintenance Training Course can help companies save significantly through reduced downtime and increased energy savings.

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