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Rydell and Ammeraal Beltech offer endless woven AmWrap belts for wrapping

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article image AmWrap belts are ideal for medium and heavier duty applications
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Conveyor belting specialist Rydell Industrial (Belting) Co , in conjunction with Ammeraal Beltech can supply endless woven belting which includes a distinctive product range for medium and heavy duty applications.

Over many years Ammeraal beltech have gathered extensive knowledge of specific heavier duty applications and developed a number of standard solutions for various industries.

These include:
  • metal industry – coil wrapping – the AmWrap range
  • cardboard industry – tube winding – the AmTube range
  • various industries – the AmSqueeze range; and
  • cable industry – the AmPull range.
The range of belts for these specialised applications offer the same advantages as all Ammeraal Beltech endless woven belting, including:
  • endless and splice less design without any seam, giving consistent thickness and suppleness over the full belt length and eradicating any risk of splice failure
  • constant line speeds, proper tracking and extended service life
  • no structural variations in the fabric
  • excellent tensile strength/elongation properties
  • uniform strength over the entire belt length
  • close tolerance in thickness and weight; and
  • wide range of coatings and profiles.
In the metal industry, wrapping machines are used to coil sheet material of various thickness of steel, aluminium, copper etc. At the start of the coiling operation, one or two wrapper belts are positioned around the mandrel of a coiling machine.

The flat sheet is fed between the belts and coiling mandrel, the need to guide the sheet material ceases, the wrapper belts move away and the coiling operation continues. Once the correct length of material has been coiled, the sheet is cut off and the next coiling operation starts.

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