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Rydell and Ammeraal Beltech introduce Rapplon ‘Ultrafold’ Quick-Splice Series belting

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Exclusive Australian Ammeraal Beltech agent, Rydell Industrial (Belting) Co introduces Quick-Splice belts for the carton folding industry.
Rapplon Ultrafold carton folding belts feature Ammeraal Beltech’s innovative Quick-Splice energy saving construction.
Ultrafold Quick-Splice belts are fabricated with exclusive energy efficient core and cover compounds that outperform standard products in a wide variety of carton folding applications in both efficiency and durability.

  • Laboratory tests rank Ultrafold #1 for energy savings
  • Ultrafold product field test results confirm an increase in belt life of up to four times in applications on modern high speed carton folding equipment
  • A 500% increase in belt edge wear resistance over the competition has been observed significantly reducing replacement frequency
  • Up to 35% energy savings and 5 times wear resistance
  • Easily spliced in less than 3 minutes: 4 times faster on average using Ultrafold products when compared with competing belts from other manufacturers
Performance features of Rapplon ‘Ultrafold’ Quick-Splice belts:

  • Energy saving construction
  • Superior cover grip and ink resistance
  • High strength true running design
  • Stable non-fray wear resistant core
Benefits of Rapplon ‘Ultrafold’ Quick-Splice belts:

  • Purchase fewer belts less often
  • Cut maintenance time and expense
  • Improve productivity and throughput
  • Reduce equipment operating costs
  • Save energy with Ultrafold products

  • Paper carton production: folder, transport and carrier belts
  • Paper processing equipment
  • Corrugated carton production: top rail belts

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