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Rydell and Ammeraal Beltech have Rapplon belting available for live roller drives

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Logistics and automated production are industries of the future. Improving process efficiency and optimising workflow are the most important aspects of development work.
Roller conveyors dominate the conveying systems technique in logistics and distribution centres of all kinds worldwide. They are also frequently installed to link different manufacturing processes.
Important tasks are achieved by live roller drives to guarantee a trouble-free material flow:

  • Distribution
  • Accumulation
  • Diversion
  • Merges
  • Singulation
  • Transfers
  • Accelerations
  • Decelerations
Live roller conveyors can be operated by gravity only or driven by drum motors, line shafts, chains, V-belts, conveyor belts and increasingly by Rapplon high performance flat belts.
Different zones or beds with distinct operations such as singulation, diverting or accumulation with zero, low or full pressure can safely be realised with Rapplon flat belts and their optimal choice of cover characteristics.
Product and customer benefits:
Rapplon Quick Splice belts with Polyester or Aramide fabric as tension member

  • Exact belt thickness over joint area
  • Fast replacement
  • No running direction to be observed
  • High strength possible also with small pulley diameters
  • Failure-free joining system
  • Shorter take-ups
  • Insensitive to moisture
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Permanently anti-static
Rapplon high performance flat belts with PA-Foil as tension member

  • Absorbs high loads and torques
  • Permanently anti-static
  • No tracking guides required
Rapplon high performance flat belts are available from Rydell Industrial (Belting) Co .

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