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Rydell Industrial (Belting) Co introduces uni AmFlight Product Supports

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Reliable inclining or declining transport by means of a totally new product support - loading sideways or allowing for accumulation. The uni Amflight product supports offer a very simple but most effective way of conveying under any angle.  

With this innovative and patented flight design, several operations can be combined with one belt:

  • Loading of products onto the belt in running direction or sidewaysuni AmFlights are down when loading products onto the belt 
  • Inclining or declining transportuni AmFlights are activated
  • Unloading sidewaysuni AmFlights are down allowing the unloading of products
No transfer issues arise due to product supports and a minimum gap solution between conveyors is possible. uni AmFlights can be fitted in radius belts as well as in all straight belts considered standard.

Inclination up to an angle of 45° is possible. The uni AmFlight can be loaded up to 50 kg.        

uni AmFlight Standard: Ammeraal Beltech Modular offers uni AmFlights to fit the following belt types: 

  • uni S-MPB with uni AmFlight type H17
  • uni SNB M2 with uni AmFlight type H17
  • uni QNB with uni AmFlight type H17
  • uni CPB with uni AmFlight type H45
  • uni Flex L-ASB with uni AmFlight H45

uni AmFlight Product Supports are available from Rydell Industrial (Belting) Co .

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