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Rydell Industrial (Belting) Co and Uni Chains - a great combination for the bakery industry

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article image Conveyor chains and modular plastic belts supplied by Rydell are suitable for a variety of applications in the bakery industry
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Rydell and Ammeraal Beltech Modular have supplied the bakery industry with conveyor chains and modular plastic belts for more than 20 years.

Ammeraal Beltech Modular continues to supply a lot of conveyor chains in stainless steel, carbon steel and plastic. Rydell and Ammeraal Beltech Modular have also successfully replaced many conveyor chains with Uni Modular Plastic belts.

Ammeraal Beltech Modular has developed special conveyor chains like angled stainless steel chains and carbon steel chains for the bakery industry as well as mould-to-width modular plastic belts.

A bakery in California converted Uni Slat Top Chain over to the Uni SSB Modular Plastic Belt in every situation possible, even in the locations where carbon steel or stainless steel chains were used, for example, as pan entry conveyors into ovens.

The main advantages with Uni SSB are:

  • wear on expensive pans diminished considerably
  • jamming of pans eliminated due to uniform flat surface
  • noise levels in factory decreased by 60 decibels
  • weekly hours devoted by maintenance department to continuously maintain/replace slat top chain (broken slats, 6 months life of chain due to stretch and excessive wear) reduced; and
  • Puritan Bakery is experiencing with the SSB, a minimum life of 3 years, where the chain in their bakery lasts an average of 6 months (that is a 6:1 ratio).

UniFlex SNB is very unique for incline and decline conveyors. The 55% open belt surface allows maximum cooling and the belt can flex in all directions, making it versatile in many applications. A customer found that the special radius surface increased the product quality due to less dust from the buns compared to a wire mesh belt.

Depanner Discharge Belt – Uni light CR (closed rough top) in PP white is the right choice as the discharge belt for heated buns. The granulated surface grips the buns effectively without damaging them.

The Uni Light CR belt enables a close transfer with a 3/4" pitch and a nosebar of 11/8". The Uni Light CR exceeds the belt life of fabric rough top belts and modular belts with rubber inserts where oil can degrade the rubber surface.

Bakery applications for belts and conveyors supplied by Rydell include as:

  • depanner discharge belts
  • incline and decline conveyors
  • side flexing conveyors
  • pan handling; and
  • easy-to-clean conveyors.

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