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Rydell Industrial (Belting) Co and Ammeraal Beltech introduce self tracking belts to the Australian market

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Rydell Industrial (Belting) Co , in conjunction with Ammeraal Beltech, a leading manufacturer of process and conveyor belting with an established reputation for developing innovative solutions for belting applications, would like to announce the introduction of self tracking belts.

Working closely with OEMs Ammeraal Beltech has developed a range of self tracking belts that show superior performance on fixed centre conveyors, two way running conveyors and wide short centre belts. Tracking of a belt in these situations is always very difficult.

Typical applications are situations that require correction or mistracking due to pushing, pulling, side loading or other processes performed on the belt, and applications where the conveyor design can cause mistracking, such as square belts, knife edges, reverse running direction belts and asymmetric loading.

In some cases, belts are taken off the conveyor to be cleaned. Self tracking belts save time because these belts can be reinstalled both ways and tracking readjustment is not required.

The Ammeraal Beltech self tracking belts reduce costs, offer conveying benefits and can improve overall reliability.

General rules for conveyor design for self tracking belts:
  • belt support upper part : slider bed, flat, no support rollers, no troughed conveyors
  • drive pulley: minimum diameter 50mm
  • tensioning device: tail pulley or tensioning pulley in the return part
  • tension: 2 to 4% of the belt length
  • tracking facilities: do not use tracking idlers, do not use guide strips, do not use roller coverings
  • crowning food industry: only crown the drive drum with 2%
  • crowning logistics / airports: pulley crowning: standard 2%, max 4mm, min 2mm, head drive: crown drive drum and tail pulleys, omega drive: crown drive drum and both end pulleys.
Features and benefits of self tracking belts include:
  • reduced maintenance costs, less need for checks to re-tension belts
  • compact conveyor design; no tracking rollers and only simple tensioning device required; lighter shafts and bearings
  • no need for tracking guides on the belt; decrease of purchase costs
  • (re-) installation of the belt can be achieved in a much quicker timescale; can be installed both ways without re-adjusting
  • increased belt life span; tension remains over life of belt
  • compact drive; improved power transmission efficiency
  • the absence of a belt tensioning device and fixings reduce the weight of the installation
  • no tracking guides on the belt; which reduces the belt weight
  • low friction bottom side; smooth, economical operation
  • lower belt tension, less power consumption
  • shock absorbing property reduces shock load on bearings, absorbs vibration
  • smooth tracking properties; extra lateral stability; and
  • low noise levels.

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