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Rydell in conjunction with Ammeraal Beltech, a global belting company, offer to all of its customers a true ONE STOP BELT SHOP, providing a full range of components, services and solutions for processing and conveying products.

Success is the control of the full value chain (development, manufacturing, fabrication, sales, distribution and service) and close cooperation with customers, suppliers and other partners in the wide area of applications.

Rydell and Ammeraal Beltech policy means that customers can obtain all belting products and services needed from the same supplier, thereby reducing purchasing and logistics costs.

Rydell understands the importance of keeping businesses running.

The ONE STOP BELT SHOP is based on:
  • synthetic belts: comprehensive process and conveyor belt range for any application
  • elastomer belts: the best range of high quality rubber covers
  • ZipLink belts: additional production time solutions for every industry
  • Ultrasync belts: synchronized conveying and positioning; high speed and high loads
  • seamless belts: seamless covers and profiles on endless woven fabrics
  • engineered belts: custom made products as pull down, postal feeder, cable pulling
  • flat belts: RAPPLON high performance flat belts for efficient power transmission and high speed processes
  • plastic modular belts: Uni-chains belt solutions - straight running and side flexing belts
  • steel and plastic chains: chain programme from Uni-chains in steel and plastic
  • Ultrascreen belts: mesh belts used in food washing and drying applications
  • Gates industrial belts: v-belts, timing, HTD, PolychainGT, Powerband and more
  • Cog-Veyor sprocket driven belts: homogenous, positive drive, ultimate hygiene, self tracking
  • BEHAbelt: weldable vee, round, flat PU and TPE with various coverings
  • teflon belt and tape: all types available in plain and self adhesive
  • wire belting: rod network mesh belting as well as all types of wire belting
  • specialised belting: a wide variety of specials to suit many applications and industries; and
  • fabrication and service: the widest network for on-site service and consultancy.

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