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Rapplon Belts from Rydell for the Print Industry

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Rydell Industrial (Belting) Co  offers Rapplon belting products designed specifically for various applications in the print industry.  

Rydell has considerable expertise in servicing the Australian printing and packaging industry, offering clients the right belting products to meet their specific needs in print and paper applications.  

Rapplon belts are ideal for transporting all types of paper, brochures, light to medium grade laminated boards, business forms, newspapers, gift cards, note paper and letters within the printing environment.  

These belts are suitable for use with machine types such as collators, sorting machines, envelope machines, guillotine cutters, stackers and sheeters among others.  

It is important to assess the specific operating conditions to select the right Rapplon belt type.  

For accumulation of lightweight paper or board transported sandwiched between top and bottom belts where belts run in sets, a belt with top and bottom fabric covers is required.  

Where single belts transport the product with little or no mechanical assistance, a belt with an elastomer top cover and a fabric or elastomer bottom cover is required.  

Where little or no take-up is available and high co-efficient of friction is required, elastic construction belts are recommended.  

Rydell sales technicians are available to advise customers on the right selection of the most appropriate cover type, be it a fabric cover with low friction/grip or an elastomer cover with high friction/grip.  

Where belts run sandwiched, a combination of fabric and elastomer covers might be required instead of a fabric/fabric combination.  

Belts must also be changed in complete sets as changing of partial sets leads to problems.

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