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New modular 'pop up' conveyor technology cutting food waste in factory

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Ammeraal Beltech, available in Australia through Rydell Industrial (Belting) Co adds a new dimension to conveying systems with pop-up flights.

Ammeraal Beltech's pop-up flights feature a modular design, and can be easily retrofitted to existing conveyor belt systems.

A patent-pending innovation from conveyor belts manufacturer Ammeraal Beltech, the pop-up flight is a simple but effective modular solution to the age-old problem of food losses on conveyor systems, bringing real benefits to the food processing industry.

In most conveyor systems in the food processing industry, products that have failed to discharge and remain on the belt on their return journey, and then often fall on to the packaging hall's floor, are estimated to cost the industry huge sums of money.

Graham Allen, Global Product Manager, Modular Belts, Ammeraal Beltech explains their solution has been developed to stop these product losses, and make it easy for the processing or packaging company to maintain high hygiene levels, without constantly having to sweep floors and hand-clean sticky belts.

The pop-up flight pops up at the foot of the conveyor incline to support the food as it moves up the elevator, holding it steady. Once the product's been successfully discharged, the flight pops down again so an automatic scraper can clean up the belt, which is especially helpful for clingy food products.

Ammeraal Beltech's pop-up flight has already been extensively trialled in the field.

Sirena Cold Stores, Denmark for instance, needed a solution to convey frozen fish from the floor line to ceiling height. Normal solutions such as a flighted incline conveyor were not possible – the fish froze to the belt and had to be scraped off at the discharge point. According to Tommy Pedersen, Managing Director, Ammeraal Beltech's pop-up flight is a brilliant but simple solution for their problem. They have a shorter conveyor with a steep incline so the product doesn't have time to defrost during transportation; they have also eliminated potential food loss due to multiple belt transfer points.

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