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Gates open length synchronous belting designed for a wide range of linear motion and robotics applications is now available from Rydell Industrial (Belting) Co .  

In addition to long length AT5, AT10 and other steel reinforced belts, Rydell also stocks Gates PolyChain GT Carbon belting that is especially well suited for indexing applications due to its extremely high modulus (low stretch) carbon fibre reinforcement.  

Positioning applications such as X/Y tables and ball screws that use synchronous belt drives rely on smooth operation and positioning accuracy. Any elongation of the belt under load needs to be taken into account by the belt design engineer.  

Low stretch linear motion belts such as PolyChain are ideal for positioning applications. Belt elongation under load in the range of half a millimetre per metre of belt length (0.05%) is easily achieved. A standard belt width of 37mm is rated to a minimum breaking tension of over 42,000 Newtons.  

Rydell offers a free design engineering service in addition to onsite drive analysis as well as troubleshooting of linear motion drive belting applications.  

Drive hardware for linear motion drives such as pulleys, bushings, tooth clamping plates and idlers are also supplied by Rydell Industrial (Belting) Co as part of a complete belt drive package.

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