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Vertical grinders from Rupes Australia

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Rupes Australia  offers extensive range of grinders and other tools for various applications. Rupes Australia provides grinders, sanders, vertical grinders, angle grinders etc.

Rupes Australia offers specialty grinders like vertical grinders which are powerful machines provided with a vertical motor ideal for heavy duty jobs. Vertical grinders have excellent grip and perfect balance which provides stability and control while in operation. Vertical grinders produces high torque tool by double reduction gearing also available with optional extraction hood and dust guards. Vertical grinders are suitable for various applications like marble, stone and for use in general building sectors.

Rupes Australia offers comprehensive range of polishers like mini polishers, compact polishers and polisher with sander etc. Mini polishers are compact polishers with light weight which performs complete polishing operations like large machines. Mini polishers are suitable for polishing vertical surfaces and for uncomfortable positions. Mini polishers are designed with a double reduction gearing system which ensures a maximum torque load even in the event of low speed. Mini polishers are equipped with soft start-up device and speed regulations system which provides appropriate speed control property suitable for specific working applications.

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