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RPM updates HAULSIM software, sees increased usage

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Runge Pincock Minarco has updated its haulage simulation software, HAULSIM designed for the mining industry.

First released in late February 2014, HAULSIM’s simulation capabilities have been used successfully in a number of operational advisory projects, and three clients have already purchased software licences.

Richard Mathews, RPM’s CEO and Managing Director said that the purchase of software licenses so close to the product release has been satisfying; while the company knew the product would be accepted by the industry, they did not expect to be selling licenses within a quarter.

Mine haulage is one of the highest cost components within the mining process. HAULSIM incorporates RPM’s 35 years of experience in mining and haulage system design to enable users to accurately model and visually simulate complex mine haulage systems. HAULSIM’s ability to quickly simulate multiple operational scenarios allows users to easily identify operational bottlenecks and quantify the consequences and outcomes of potential changes to the haulage environment, significantly reducing the risk of making process improvement and investment decisions.

RPM advisory consultants have been using HAULSIM software on a number of projects including mine expansion and equipment efficiency studies at open-cut and underground mines, leading to the initial software license sales within three months of the product’s release in Australia and Latin America.

Iluka Resources was quick to see the potential of HAULSIM for their Australian mining operations. Following the implementation, the client is impressed with the speed and ease with which the simulations can be set up and maintained. HAULSIM enabled the company to optimise haulage systems, evaluate challenging mining strategies and visually communicate outcomes to stakeholders in a reliable and accurate 3D interface.

Southern Peru Copper, the second client to purchase HAULSIM, deploys over 80 pieces of heavy equipment from multiple equipment manufacturers at their Toquepala mine in Peru. Difficulties in planning the optimal deployment of this haulage fleet motivated the company to invest in HAULSIM. The mine will now move from making haulage decisions based on manufacturer equipment statistics, to simulating outcomes based on actual production and equipment data from their operations.

Newcrest Mining, a long term client of RPM’s software and advisory services, has also acquired the HAULSIM solution after seeing it in use by RPM consultants on an operational study. HAULSIM will be used at the Cadia Valley underground mine to assist in the efficient deployment of haulage equipment and to quantify outcomes from alternate capital and maintenance expenditure decisions.

RPM’s Mr Mathews explains that HAULSIM provides a quick and easy method of modelling the impact of new or different equipment without going through the expensive process of conducting physical trials. HAULSIM is also benefitting clients in day-to-day operational planning.

The latest updates to HAULSIM haulage simulation software includes enhanced features for underground miners and improved equipment allocation logic. 

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