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RPM to acquire mine design software rights from MineRP

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RPMGlobal has entered into a conditional agreement with South African mining technology company MineRP to acquire non-exclusive rights to the software code of the Mine2-4D mine design application.

With MineRP’s strategic focus having shifted from the development of discrete mine design tools, RPM approached the mining technology company to acquire a copy of the new release of the Mine2-4D software code on a non-exclusive basis. As per the acquisition agreement, RPM will have unrestricted rights to rebrand, commercialise and exploit the Mine2-4D software code and any successor products developed by RPM.

Mine design tools are primarily used to plan the physical layout of mine excavations, haul routes, stockpiles and activities related to earth movement. RPM has historically provided export/import functionality to the design tools of multiple third-party vendors to allow feedback between the design and scheduling processes. However, the full integration of an RPM-specific design tool with RPM’s scheduling and simulation applications will greatly enhance the mine planning process and allow a complete planning solution, including design functionality, geological reserving, and operational scheduling to be delivered to their customers.

Exploring the available options to obtain mine design capability, RPM decided to fast track its design solution by building on the Mine2-4D platform. This option also provided the lowest risk and quickest approach to progressing RPM’s software roadmap. Acquiring a copy of the Mine2-4D software code will allow RPM to develop its own mine design capability.

Mine2-4D is a mine design and reserving software application widely used in the mining industry and in particular in the underground metals market. Mine2-4D has recently undergone a complete rewrite, using next generation development tools to provide superior levels of enterprise integration and processing capacity.

RPM intends to build upon the foundations of the Mine2-4D software code and fully integrate it with RPM’s scheduling and simulation solutions. RPM plans to release its mine design product in the second quarter of FY2015.

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