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RPM’s new mining ERP and financial modelling integration software offering enhanced capabilities

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Runge Pincock Minarco (RPM) has announced the latest release of its Operational Mining Integration (OMI) software for the mining industry.

Delivering enhanced reporting capabilities and allowing users to share data quickly and seamlessly between RPM scheduling products, financial modelling products and enterprise resource planning systems, the latest release of the OMI platform enables users to now analyse enterprise level data and operational mine site data more deeply, for a better understanding of integrated production and financial data from various operational sites.

OMI links RPM’s industry leading products to enterprise business and reporting systems such as a company’s ERP system. OMI also allows for integration of information between RPM’s products themselves.

Mr Craig Halliday, RPM’s Head of Software explains that users for instance, can compare planned production from their scheduling system with actual production figures from their enterprise systems in one report and visualise differences and investigate the cause of any discrepancy.

Previously, users would have to review separate reports and manually compare the differences. However, with OMI 1.2 it is extremely easy to compare operational and enterprise data quickly and slice and dice it in any way.

Data is seamlessly transferred from RPM’s scheduling and financial solutions through OMI to a reporting cube, from where it can be easily read by enterprise business reporting tools such as SAP’s Business Objects.

Updates to OMI have enhanced security features that utilise Active Directory information and inherit permissions to transfer or retrieve data from SAP.

OMI 1.2 is available now as part of all enterprise enabled RPM products including XACT, XERAS, Open Pit Metals XPAC Solution, Open Pit Diamonds XPAC Solution and Oil Sands XPAC Solution.

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