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RPM’s Open Pit Metals Solution software seeing positive uptake by miners

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The latest commodity based solution from Runge Pincock Minarco (RPM), Open Pit Metals Solution (OPMS), has received exceptional reviews from customers. The initial customer feedback supports the view that commodity based solutions represent the next evolution in mine scheduling. 

Three customers have now purchased OPMS software licenses following the release of the product in September. 

RPM’S CEO, Richard Mathews expressed surprise at the speed with which customers saw the value of the mining software.

OPMS features a process-driven user interface that guides users step-by-step through the scheduling process. It takes the power of RPM’s industry leading scheduling product, XPAC and delivers it in a streamlined, simplified, commodity focused solution. This key benefit was a driving force behind the decision of Anglo American’s Kumba Iron Ore division to purchase OPMS after having performed an in-depth market evaluation.

Terence Jordaan, Manager Mining of Kumba’s Kolomela mine explains that they want their engineers to spend their time planning the mine, not managing multiple data sources or writing complex scripts to build a mine plan. 

According to Jordaan, OPMS puts everything in one place and automates data consistency and validation in an off-the-shelf product. The simplified user interface turns a complex exercise into a swift, simple and iterative scheduling process. Given that they, like many organisations have limited time to make decisions, the OPMS allows them to run multiple scenarios in minutes rather than days, enabling their engineers to make informed recommendations.

The removal of scripts dramatically reduces the time and complexity of implementing the product. The ability for users to quickly and easily master the solution and start producing practical schedules are just some of the benefits. OPMS has been described by users as a ‘best of both worlds’ solution with a streamlined user interface built on top of an industry-leading robust scheduling engine.

Tadek Wojtowicz, General Manager Mining at Zamin Ferrous Group (Zamin) commented that OPMS was built on top of RPM’s XPAC product, which they had been using for many years. 

Zamin has already implemented OPMS into their planning operations and benefited from the huge reduction in implementation time that allowed a seamless changeover from their previous application.

This viewpoint is strongly support by Ukwazi Mining Solutions (Ukwazi), a leading mining consulting company in Africa and one of the first companies to purchase and implement OPMS into their daily operations. 

Jaco Lotheringen, Principle Mining Engineer and Ukwazi director says they have a deep understanding of all the software applications available in this space; however, OPMS has changed the mine scheduling paradigm with its script-free solution that puts the power back into the hands of mine planners.

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