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Rugged routers from Ruggedcom

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Ruggedcom  offers a wide range of rugged communication networking solutions. Ruggedcom offers Ethernet switches, wireless, routers, media converters, serial device servers, software and network management solutions. Ruggedcom offers products and services that comply with the standards and specifications.

Ruggedcom offers rugged routers which is a cyber security appliance with integrated firewall, router and VPN functionality systems. Rugged router is used for electronic security perimeter for control and automation systems. Rugged routers from Ruggedcom are ideally suited for industrial plant floor, electrical power utilities and traffic control system applications.

RuggedRouters from Ruggedcom includes RX1000 an industrially hardened cyber security appliance, RX1100 an advanced cyber security appliance and PTP Card, a precision time protocol accurate network time synchronisation using NTP, IEEE 1588 and GPS.

Ruggedcom offers Ruggedwireless, an industrially hardened Ethernet switches. Ruggedwireless are available as RS900W, a wireless Ethernet along with integrated 8-port managed switch, RS910W wireless device server with two serial and two Ethernet ports, RS920W wireless serial device server along with Ethernet over VDSL interface and RS930W wireless Ethernet along with integrated 6-port switch and Ethernet over VDSL interface.

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