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THE Rubin Group can provide projects with sales and support from design stage through to manufacturing stage of any product’s temperature sensing requirements. The Rubin Group and US Sensors support the following industry sectors:


This category includes air conditioners, home weather stations, oven temperature controls, pool and spa controls, rechargeable battery packs, refrigerator and freezer temp. control, small appliance controls, solar collector controls, thermostats, toasters, washing machines, audio amplifiers, cellular telephones, clothes dryers, computer power supplies, dishwashers, electric blanket controls, electric water heaters, electronic thermometers and fire detectors.


The Rubin Group caters to audio amplifiers, automatic climate control, coolant sensors, electric coolant fan temp. control, emission controls, engine block temperature sensors, engine oil temperature sensors, intake air temperature sensors, oil level sensors, outside air temperature sensor, transmission oil temp. sensors and water level sensors.


Rubin’s US sensors can be used in conjunction with blood analysis equipment, blood dialysis equipment, blood oxygenator equipment, clinical fever thermometers, esophageal tubes, infant incubators, internal body temperature monitors, internal temperature sensors, intravenous injection temp. regulators, myocardial probes, respiration rate measurement equipment, skin temperature monitors and thermodilution catheter probes.


This category includes commercial vending machines, crystal ovens, fluid flow measurement, gas flow indicators, HVAC equipment, industrial process controls, liquid level indicators, microwave power measurement, photographic processing equipment, plastic laminating equipment, solar energy equipment, thermal conductivity measurement (diamond testers etc.), thermocouple compensation, thermoplastic molding equipment, thermostats, water purification equipment and welding equipment.


Rubin’s sensors cover aircraft temperature, bathythermography, bomb fuses, fire control equipment, missiles and spacecraft temperature, physiological monitoring and satellites.


They are also effective when used with coffee makers, deep fryers, fast food processing, perishable shipping, temperature controlled food storage systems and thermometers for use in food preparation.


This industry covers amplifier over temperature sensing, cellular telephones, copper coil winding temperature compensation, oscillator temperature compensation, rechargeable battery packs, transistor gain stabilisation and transistor temperature compensation.


This category includes power supplies, (inrush current limiting) and uninterruptible power supplies (over temperature sensing).

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