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New Autotex Steel membranes developed for BOPLA's input units

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article image An input unit with Autotex steel membrane

BOPLA’s input units now feature a new overlay that has been specially developed to offer several benefits.  

The new, hard-coated PET foil used as an overlay for membrane keypads and front membranes creates an appearance similar to that of brushed stainless steel on input units.  

Called Autotex Steel, the overlay is coated with a colour uptake layer available in various shades on the back in addition to a specially-developed external hard coating, which is chemically bonded to the substrate and UV-hardened.  

The hard coating has a structured surface with an appearance similar to brushed stainless steel when the foil on the back is printed using traditional metallic colours or the latest specular colours, which can also be combined with ‘smooth’ foils to meet special design requirements.  

Key advantages of Autotex Steel membranes:  

  • Easy to process and print, combining a high level of colour rendering and resolution with a hard external surface
  • Excellent resistance to wear, knocks, and many chemicals and solvents
  • Can be stamped, making them suitable for domed and tactile membrane keypads with keys or raised edge console areas
  • High modulus of elasticity
  • Typical operating life of more than 5 million actions for raised keys
  • Does not show fingerprints unlike stainless steel
  • Transparent display windows can be printed
  • Offers very good colour rendering and translucency in transparent areas
  • Available in various thicknesses to expand application range
BOPLA’s input units are available from Rubin Group .


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