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article image Field programmable inductive proximity sensors.

RUBIN Group ’s MyProx sensor is a field programmable and adaptable inductive proximity sensor. It offers up to three times the sensing range of competitive units as well as field configurable outputs.

The sensor is able to adapt to a wide range of applications through the use of a PC compatible remote programmer and step-by-step configuration software. MyProx has the ability to tune out non-targeted metallic objects and sense an object at a field selectable distance. In addition, it can be used to sense the position of an object in multiple axes. This allows it to perform like a low end vision system for metallic objects.

The Myprox offers multiple sensing capabilities. Background metal rejection is the ability to ignore side-ground or background objects. Band sensing allows MyProx to sense within a specified band while ignoring objects that are too close or too far away. Position sensing is the ability to teach the sensor the position of an object in multiple axes. The sensor features a selectable range and hysteresis. This allows the sensor to adapt to tight tolerance or high vibration (wide tolerance) applications.

The MyProx is built using robust stainless steel tubes, shock-resistant front caps, polycarbonate end bells, and impact absorbing potting compound. This design helps make the sensor reliable high temperature, high pressure wash down, as well as shock and vibration environments.

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