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THE Rubin Group Components Division is an Australian distributor for electronic and electrical components. The Rubin Group Components Division provides sales, technical support and supply chain logistics to engineers, OEM's and manufacturers alike.

The Rubin Group Components Division has achieved considerable success in developing its business as a result of combining a range of quality products and associated equipment with the recognition that technical support and service are essential to achieving growth in the industry.

The Rubin Group Components Division, based in Sydney, is constantly monitoring market trends and demand for new products and services.

The company comprises of a dedicated team of professional and experienced staff whose mission is: to provide innovative solutions and related services to a diverse market, to meet and exceed customers' expectations with the highest quality products and best practice services, and to create mutually rewarding work.

Rubin Group Components Division’s products include: radial and axial fans, terminal blocks and connectors, and automotive connectors and cable assemblies. They also produce a range of lamps and indicators and switches and pushbutton solutions. Rubin Group Components Division and Bauser electro-mechanical counters & timers.

Rubin Group Components Division and Bopla produce plastic and metal enclosures, graphic LCD & character LCDs, crystals, oscillators, saw filters and ceramic filters.

Rubin Group Components Division’s other products include circuit breakers, CBEs and level sensors and flow sensors. Proximity switches, programmable encoders, programmable proximity switches, photo-electric sensors and photo-electric switches are also available.

Autopilots, power and hydraulic steering mechanisms, plastic and metal enclosures, electro-mechanical relays, PCB mount relays, relay sockets, relay bases and communication relays can be obtained.

In addition, a range of filters, bolt filters, band pass filters and filtered connectors are available from Rubin Group Components Division.

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