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Superior Ground Engaging Tools (GET): The Esco Super V Bucket Teeth

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article image The Super V Bucket Teeth system from Esco.

Roylance's Pty Ltd recently celebrated its 50th year of operation and the company says it is still "going strong", thanks to the association with the Australian company Bradken Mining, who produces Esco products.

Esco is a globally recognised brand for wear parts and the company is considered to be an innovator in bucket tooth design.

Esco’s new Super V Bucket Teeth system has been sold in Australia by Roylance's for 11 years and is an outstanding tooth system.

According to Roylance’s, the Super V bucket tooth market is increasing as clients realise the benefits gained by the superior product.

Some of the Super V Bucket Tooth System benefits include more nose sizes to closer match machine performance, slim digging profile for increased penetration and loading, greater system strength from increased load-bearing areas and the excellent Esco alloys providing the best wear life and impact resistance for reduced operating costs.

The system also offers safer and easier change-outs with the vertical drive, one-piece pin and a positive secure lock ensuring optimum point retention.

The pin can be reused for sizes V29 and larger due to the smooth contour design, providing improved fatigue resistance.

The Super V Bucket Teeth’s cast fit technology uses computer-aided design for improved fit leading to better performance and longer nose life.

A comprehensive range of teeth for superior digging in all applications is available for all compact machines in light, medium and heavy construction.

Super V bucket teeth stay on tight and dig better, lowering maintenance costs and minimising downtime.

According to Roylance’s, companies can always trust Esco to bring the best choice in ground engaging solutions.

Engineered for optimum performance from dirt to clay to rock, the Super V Bucket Tooth system offers point shapes designed for better penetration, reliable fit and ease of use.

Roylance's also claim that Esco is the world leader in mining tooth technology.

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