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ROYLANCE’S P/L makes one simple promise to users of Duaplate: it will save customers valuable time and money.

It outperforms its competitors and is tried and proven in a wide variety of industrial applications, says Roylance’s.

According to Roylance’s, operators of heavy equipment will appreciate Duaplate’s strong performance and this will result in genuine cost savings.

Benefits of Duaplate include:

* Reduced downtime costs afford increases in productivity

* Longer wear life than quenched and tempered plate

* Standard competence required to weld and fabricate.

Manufacturing process

The unique manufacturing process allows intended stresses to be reduced by controlled and frequent check cracking.

Forming and bending may be performed without distorting or fracturing of the overlay.

The high carbide content of Duaplate is such that it can only be cut successfully using plasma arc equipment.

Independent testing conducted at the Melbourne Research Laboratories of BHP Pty Ltd showed that the high stress abrasion wear resistance of Duaplate’s hard facing alloys are only exceeded by tungsten carbide.


The flexibility of Duaplate's bulk surfacing process allows a variety of alloys to be manufactured in several thicknesses, depending on the customer's needs.

Different alloys have been developed to provide maximum wear resistance in conditions ranging from light to extreme impact.


Duaplate can be cut, formed, welded and rolled into a wide variety of configurations.

Available in sheet form, Duaplate can be fabricated into: pipes(minimum 500mm in diameter), lobster back bends, screw conveyors, cyclones, fan casings, screens, liners, chutes, pipes, screw conveyors, cyclones, fan casing and screens.

Duaproducts include Duabutton, Duablock, Skidblock, Chokblock and Microledge.

Duaplate is designed to be used in extreme abrasion and medium impact applications.

Various thicknesses of Duaplate are extensively used in mining, coal preparation, power stations, steel mills, dredging, wood chip and pulp, sugar, cement and earth moving applications.

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