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High intensity discharge (HID) lamp

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article image HID -- twice the illumination.

HIGH Intensity Discharge is also known as Gas Discharge. The light is produced by an arc in a small Xenon gas-filled quartz tube, as opposed to passing an electric current through a filament to make it glow.

Leading manufacturers of heavy-duty machinery, including Caterpillar, John Deere, Komatsu, and Sandvik /Tamrock are installing the HID technology and using it in quarrying, mining, and construction.

Available through Roylance's , the lights range from heavy-duty on-road to off-road work lights. There is also a Compact HID scene light which has a lightweight powder coated extendable aluminium stand, allowing it to be mobile on any quarry site.

It is most useful in workshops and any area that requires bright lighting, as there are quarries that work at night hours and productivity and safety are a priority all the time.

HID offers many technological advantages over conventional halogen lights. Due to the fact that there is no filament to break, the average life of a gas discharge lamp is 5000 hours (*depending upon switching cycle), about 10 times that of a standard halogen bulb.

With halogen bulbs up to 70% of the power input is wasted in heat. With the unique no filament gas discharge lamp, less power is required and less heat is generated. One 35W produces four times as much luminous flux/W as a halogen bulb, meaning twice the illumination for only half of the power consumption.

The HID also has a higher colour temperature, meaning that it produces a light very similar to daylight in its colour rendering. This makes it easier to see and also more comfortable on the eyes, reducing strain and increasing safety.

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