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Bucyrus grader blades available from Roylance's

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In a competitive market, grader blades as they’re generally known, aren't all the same.

Roylance’s  has been made aware of this through extensive customer feedback, and many years of experience servicing the grader blade market in Australia.

These long-lasting Canadian made Bucyrus Blades have been made available to a highly competitive segment of the Australian earthmoving market where there is little profit and a wide variety of choice.

In recognition of the highly competitive marketplace in which their products are available, Roylance's has issued a challenge to prospective customers to compare the Bucyrus Blades available from Roylance to what they’re currently using, so they can discover for their self the time and money they can save with Bucyrus Blades from Roylance.

Roylance's major clients for blades include councils and construction companies who purchase large amounts of blades based on longevity and price. 

As a measure of their product confidence, Roylance is prepared to arrange blade trials for prospective customers, so clients can see the results of these products first hand before making a purchase.

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