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Temperature calibrators from Royce Water Technologies

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Royce Water Technologies  offers an innovative products and services for industrial waste water applications. Royce Water Technologies offers water chloramination process controller called ChemScan. ChemScan process analyser is used to detect free ammonia and compensates the combined ammonia, other chemicals and turbidity. ChemScan process analyser from Royce Water Technologies detects free ammonia and chloramines that are present in wastewater.

Royce Water Technologies offers a wide range of calibrators for wastewater treatment which includes signal calibrators, temperature calibrators, dead weight testers and pressure calibrators from Ametex Jofra. Royce Water Technologies supplies advanced temperature dry block calibrators which combines the speed, accuracy of laboratory calibrator and portability of field calibrators. Advanced temperature dry block calibrators consists of dual-zone heating block which ensures optimum temperature in the calibration zone.

Royce Water Technologies offers industrial temperature dry block calibrator with the temperature range of -23 degree to 650 degree centigrade. Industrial temperature dry block calibrator consists of a dual zone heating block, fully automatic thermo switch test and automatic step function which help to save considerable amount of time.

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