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Royal Springs  offers large selection of water coolers and filters which are available in many forms.Personal maintanence and services are offered while dispensing Endless pure,Crystal Clear Filtered Drinking Water.

Royal Springs products include Office Water Coolers,Open Top Water Coolers which are used in dispensing of Spring water,Commercial Self filtering Water coolers,Commercial and Industrial RO Water filters and Under Bench Water Filters for use with that of Under Water coolers,Water Cartridges.

Royal Spring offers range of self Filtering Office Water Coolers which has its own applications.Self Filtering Office Water Coolers are available in many models including that of Benchtop,Free standing and Under bench models.Royal springs self filtering office water coolers are available in various forms of colours and sizes depending on the capacity of the product requried.
Advantages with Self fltering water coolers are that it is refillable,no need for power,can be fixed at any place,Fully Automatic.

Royal Springs Commercial and Industrial Reverse osmosis water filters are available in low price and used in treating bore waters involved in organic farming.Reverse osmosis system allows pressure to the water against semi-permeable membrane which prevents contaminats from passing through providing pure water.Reverse osmosis system prevents one from consuming water containg lead,asbestos materials.Osmosis trated water can be used for cooking,drinking purposesand also ideal for use in car batteries,steam irons and humidifiers.

Replacement Filter Cartrigde AQP-REPFBOT from Royal Spring lasts for a period of 12 months depending on the usage.This Replacement filter helps in removing suspended impurities,heavy metals,chlorine and hazardous compounds present in water.

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