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Automatic baling machines from Rowland and Associates

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Rowland and Associates  offers an extensive range of automotive balers and recycling equipment. Rowland and Associates supplies automatic balers which are designed and manufactured for compacting plastics, cardboards, cans, aluminium and foils.

Rowland and Associates offers automatic balers which are developed to compact the materials to desired weight and physical size to facilitate efficient storage and transportation. Godswill Automatic Baling machines from Rowland and Associates provide high density compaction. Godswill automatic baling equipment consists of exclusive auto wire tying systems, auto half stroke, adjustable bale length, hydraulically adjustable hopper feeder, conveyor hopper sensors, shear force scattering cutter design with optional plastic chopper and fluffer or rotor.

Godswill automatic baling machine from Rowland and Associates consists of anti spring back dogs that control product spring back, user friendly control panel that displays fault finding codes, six preset product baling modes, trunnion mounted cylinder with spherical and rod ball attachment. For material changing automatic baling machines is provided with four way free floating choke assemblies. Godswill automatic balers are certified for international CE safety and machinery design.

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